Top Trending Apps for Android

Android operating system is the preferred choice for the internet savvy people of today, because it is an open-source operating system and comes with a plethora of Apps. In fact there are so many Android Apps available now that the whole experience of choosing the right Apps can get quite intimidating. Thus, to make your life simpler, we have prepared a list of top trending apps for Android :-

– Synoped

Synoped calls itself an “App for millennials” and it truly does justice to that name. From latest trending news to top memes and virals of the day, it has got lots of exciting content to keep you hooked. On the news front, it gives you a fully summarized fresh news update, which has already become quite popular with android smart-phone users.

– Microsoft To Do

The Microsoft To Do is one of the best “to do list” apps for Andorid. This intelligent task management app helps you prioritize your tasks and effectively plan and manage your day. You can create a list for anything – for office work, for your personal home projects, buying groceries from the market or watching movies – the list is endless. You even have the option of personalizing each list with colorful and quirky themes. Since this android app is built on Office 365, you can easily integrate it with your Outlook account.

– Glasswire

How many times has it happened that your internet data usage exceeded the total quota that was available and you were left wondering where you consumed such a great volume of internet data? The Glasswire Android App now lets you easily keep track of your mobile internet data usage and Wi-Fi internet activity. You can even see a live graph clearly showing which Apps are consuming maximum internet data. The App also sends you alerts and notifications if you are nearing your data usage limit.

– Camera FV-5

This Android App caters to professional photographers as it puts DSLR-like manual controls in your smart-phone. Exposure compensation, ISO, light metering mode, focus mode, program mode, white balance, adjusting manual shutter speed and many more – you get full control over all photographic parameters. With long exposure times, you can also take brilliant night photos. The best part is that you can post-process all the photographs on your computer to get that perfect shot and fire up your Instagram.

– LastPass

In modern times, everyone has multiple social media, E-mail and bank accounts and it is tough to remember all passwords. LastPass is a very useful password manager that locks your passwords in a secure vault and auto-fills your app logins for you. You only need to generate one password with LastPass and it handles the rest. LastPass can be used to control all your devices, i.e. your personal computer, laptop, tablet, phones etcetera. Anything that you save on one device is available on other devices as well.

– PicsArt Photo Studio

With the advent of Facebook, Instagram and other photo-sharing apps, photo-editing software are in huge demand. PicsArt is the best mobile photo editor available in the market as it offers much more than just filters. Tools, Effects, Collage maker, Camera, free clipart library, artistic photo filters, millions of user-created stickers and drawing tools– the range of features available is pretty wide. There is something for everyone in this App. You can even add stylish text to your pictures and share them with your friends as it is integrated with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social media apps.

– Scanbot

This is one Android App which has a huge fan base and has won numerous awards. With this app, you can convert your documents to PDF/JPEG format with the click of a button. Besides normal documents, you can scan whiteboards, QR codes, bar codes, receipts etc. with the Scanbot App. It also supports all popular cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Evernote, Amazon Cloud Drive etc. Another useful feature of Scanbot is that you can edit your scanned documents Highlight text, add notes, draw on the scanned pages, add your signature, move, delete, add pages, crop documents, add filters, send a fax – there are a whole range of diverse options to choose from.

– Nova Launcher

Bored with the look and feel of your Android smart-phone interface? The Nova launcher App can completely overhaul your Android experience and customize your mobile interface as per your requirements. With this launcher, you can change icons, layouts, animations, colors – there are endless options available in the Nova Launcher App to customize your smart-phone. If you want your Android mobile to look like an iPhone, all you need to do is add a dock, change icons and voila, you get an “Apple look” in your Android smart-phone. It also includes a “gesture-list” which literally brings the whole world in your fingertips. With single and double-finger gestures you can create a shortcut for pretty much anything. Not happy with your new settings? Just “reset” and start customizing all over again. One can easily say that Nova Launcher is the best thing that ever happened to Android.

– You TV Player

The You TV Player Apk is a one-stop solution for all your entertainment needs. It gives you access to all your favorite movies and TV shows at one place, that too free of cost. All you need is a stable internet connection and you are set! The App is updated on a regular basis and you will definitely find all the latest movies and trending TV shows on this App. You can watch Live TV as well. The user interface is very simple and it offers easy navigation. Another cool feature of theApp is that it enables you to live-chat with your friends or relatives, so you can discuss about the latest trending sitcoms, movies or a live show. Only bad thing with you tv player ios is not available for apple devices.

Make sure you install these Apps and update them on a regular basis so that your smart-phone becomes a “Jack of all trades” .

TechGig’s Winners REALLY Take it All! – TechGig Code Gladiators Bounty increased 600% to Rs. 3 Crores!

TechGig Code Gladiators 2017 sets out to make history again with 12 different coding arenas, 52 coding languages and Rs. 3 Crores worth of prizes for India’s Best Coders

TechGig Code Gladiators (TGCG) has once again proven its credentials as India’s Biggest Coding Contest. Having successfully created and sustained itsNational Title in the Limca Book of Records over the last 2 editions. The current 2017 edition is all set to blow these records out of the water havingalready racked up over 95,000 coder registrations since March 20, 2017 till date.

Speaking of the ramp up, Dipti Tandon, TechGig’s Head of Product and Technology, said, “The kind of participation and enthusiasm we are witnessing in this year’s competition is unprecedented proof of TechGig’s domination as India’s top coding platform and community. We want to include as many coders as possible in our celebration of this achievement and now have over 1,00,000 prizes worth over Rs. 3 Crores to be won.”

The massive interest can be gauged by the fact that Top companies such as Iris Software, Deloitte, Hexaware Tech, ITC Infotech, Times Internet, Accenture, IBM, AXA, Croma, Shoppers Stop, and Infosys, have added their fuel to TGCG 2017 and fired up the prizes to a whopping Rs. 3 Crores!

Anil Apte, Director, Iris Software, explains their enthusiasm, “TechGig provides us the platform to assist us in talent acquisition, talent development and talent retention.  We have seen an uptick in our brand image and it has helped attract and engage with talented developers in the community through our association with TechGig over the last 3 years. This year we have decided to deepen this relationship by partnering as the title event sponsors.”

TechGig Code Gladiators 2017 has been expanded to include 12 Arenas for Coders to Battle for Supremacy

10 Theme Competitions covering the hottest technologies, give top coders the chance to test their skills against the best of the best. Theme Champions win Rs 2,00,000 each and Runner ups win Rs 1,00,000 each! These technologies include –


  1. E-Commerce – focused on improving the online shopping experience.
  2. Machine Learning – proving mastery in devising complex models and algorithms for prediction.
  3. Data Science – displaying expertise in turning data into information and information into insights.
  4. Bot Challenges– increasing the performance and prowess of AI and Bots.
  5. DevOps – mastery in tools that increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity
  6. IoT– expertise in transforming everyday objects digitally for enhancing their utility
  7. Big Data Analytics – analytical skills to develop deep insights from massive data sets
  8. IBM Watson –expertise in using IBM’s Watson AI platform to solve real problems
  9. BeTheGeek – expertise in simplifying complex design problems
  10. Software Framework– mastery in creating and using reusable code
  11. Beat the Leader Track – a techie favorite, creates a huge buzz as techies try to best each other in writing the perfect code. This track will have Daily Winners rewarded with a Cash Prize of Rs. 20,000/- each and the Overall Leader will win Rs. 1.5 Lakhs!


  1. The Open Contest – is the main event that features the largest choice of languages in the world. Coders participate in their preferred language out of the 52 choices on offer. Prizes include cash awards of over Rs. 8 Lakhs. The Open Contest Champion will win Rs 2,50,000/-, the 1st Runner-Up: Rs 2,00,000, the 2nd Runner-Up: Rs 1,50,000, the 3rd Runner-Up : Rs 1,00,000, the 4th Runner-Up : Rs 75,000, and the Best Female Coder : Rs 50,000/- in Cash.
  2. In addition, the top 5,000 coders will win Rs. 700 DineOut gift vouchers & Three months’ premium subscriptions of worth Rs. 300. Also, one lakh subscriptions for 1 month and 50,000 DineOut vouchers worth Rs 150 each are being awarded as a special gesture to participants.

Furthermore, TechGig Code Gladiator winners have a chance to accelerate their career growth and feature in the hiring wish list of top IT companies who watch this competition closely to identify hidden jewels in the Tech Space.

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